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The Alan Martin Collection

The following pages are a catalogue of figures and terrain owned by our good friend Alan Martin, who was a member of the SAS Wargames group for many years.

Sadly Alan passed away earlier this year and Steve and Mike N. have catalogued his collection on behalf of his family, we present the catalogue here as a remembrance of Alan's painting & modelling skills, as well as a showcase for anyone wishing to purchase any of the items displayed.

If interested please use contact details right:

All prices exclusive of P&P.

Index of items:

01.  1/144 Pages <here> last Updated 03/12/18.
02.  6mm Pages <here>  last Updated 03/12/18.
03. 15mm Pages <here>  last Updated 03/12/18.
04. 25/28mm Pages <here>  last Updated 12/12/18.
05. Anything over 25/28mm Pages <here>  last Updated 04/12/18.
06. Sci-Fi 2400 Pages <here>  last Updated 04/12/18.

All Items priced, if price no shown item as been sold. Painted items will remain on display as examples of Alan's work.