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Vinager Hll Photos

Pleased to announce that long last photos of this game have been fond and now made available to all to view - Thanks Steve.

01 The gaming table looking from General Lakes position

02 The gaming table looking from the Enniscorthy end

03 UI Dispositions before the battle

04 UI Troops await the crown forces on Vinegar Hill

05 UI Artillery

06 Perry looks on anxiously as his ADC rides in with news that the British are coming

07 Its that ADC again

08 UI Troops in Enniscorthy await the onslaught

09 The stout defenders of Enniscorthy

10 General Johnson orders his artillery to start bombarding Enniscorthy

11 General Lake moves his battery of artillery along the road

12 General Lake finally starts to deploy his battery of Royal Irish Artillery

13 Major General Moore gives the order to advance

14 Perry advances on Loftus and Duffs position

15 The Royal Irish Artillery open up on Perry's men

16 UI Gunsmen and pikemen advance towards Dundas's men

17 Shaken but not stired UI Guns Men cover the advancing pikemen

18 Irish Militia cack their pants as the UI continue their advance

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