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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Union Situation Report - Midday, 25th June 1864

Gen'l Hunter
Gen’l Hunter: Your division has received back into it’s ranks all the available wounded and missing after two days rest at Winchester. This rest is completed on 23rd June.

You immediately set the troops to building defences around the city, see attached maps for battlefield.

Also on the 23rd Siegel’s Division arrives in town. They are a mixed blessing, mist of these men are 90 day volunteers, what’s worse is that most have only about 10 days service left before they are discharged – it is likely that they will not be too keen to get killed so close to the end of their engagement!

That said, they are all armed, can shot and have rations and ammunition!

As discussed you have written to Gen’l Grant requesting the dispatch of re-enforcements to stop Early’s march north. On the morning of he 25th June you receive a note from Grant acknowledging your request and saying that a Corps that was planned to be transferred from New Orleans to the peninsula will be re-routed to Washington, but this will take about 2-3 weeks to arrive.

Gen’l Crook: On the 22nd June your force arrives at Front Royal, where you proceed to organise enough trains to ship your command to Winchester, via Alexandria. This movement starts the next day on the 23rd June and by end of day on 25th you and your entire command are in Winchester and ready to fight.

Gen'l Stahel
Gen'l Averell
Gen’ls Averell & Stahel: Your divisions are holding Kersntown, there has been no real determined effort by the rebels to test your positions, yet you know that they attack must come.

You also know that the longer it takes for the attack to come the more preparation can have been done in Winchseter to give the Rebs a really warm reception. It’s just worrying that the normally aggressive Rebs are so quite!

You are under orders to retire on Winchester as soon as a major attack develops.

Confederate Situation Report - Midday, 25th June 1864

Gen’l Early: Gen’l Beckinridge’s HQ and Gordon’s divisional HQ arrive in Strasburg at mid-day, their troops will be arriving in the next 2-3 hours in a constant stream.

All is ready for an early morning attack on Kerstown in the morning. Your scouts report that Averell & Stahel’s cavalry divisions are still in position, as they have been since the 21st June when you first arrived in the area. Locals that have travelled south to your positions indicate that the Yank troopers are in good spirits and are seemingly relishing the coming engagement, although they are concerned as to why you have not attacked already.

Gen’l Beckinridge: You have made it to Strasburg as requested by Gen’l Early, but it was a close run thing. Your troops will need time to rest to be at their full potential. All you r missing from the Battle of Harrisburg have returned to you lines, there are wounded that are still on the road north who will be able to re-join the ranks as soon as you have secured the supply bases at Winchester.

Gen’l Ramseur: On the 21st you march to Harrisburg with Lilley’s brigade and half your artillery where you join-up once again with Johnson’s Brigade. Under orders from Gen’l Early on the 22nd you march east to Cross Keys, brushing aside Yankee skirmishers and finding that the location had been evacuated by the Yanks 2 days earlier. Next day to march east again to Conrad’s Store and then north to Laurey and finally arriving in Front Royal late on the 25th June.

Friendly locals quickly inform you that Gen’l Crook’s Division shipped east on trains on the 23rd June, many locomotives were commandeered to achieve this and not all have returned yet, although there is enough rolling stock for your reduced division to follow as far as Manassas Gap or Brandy Station – beyond that at Manassas Junction and Orange are reportedly Corps sized Yankee formations.

Gen’l Ransom: On the afternoon of June 25th Gen’l Early send word that your troopers should stand too and once again ready to take the field. You men are rested and eager to fight.