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Sunday, 30 September 2007

Confederate Situation Report - 13th June 1864

'Black Dave' Hunter
Disturbing news reaches you this morning, ‘Black Dave’ Hunter’s forces have burned the Virginia

Military Institute to the ground as a reprisal for the brave cadet’s valiant participation in the Battle of New Market last month.

Even more worrying is the opening of a whole new chapter in Yankee depravity, Hunter and his band of cut-throats have raised  destroyed Staunton as a viable population centre for eth foreseeable future. Houses, shops, arms and warehouses have all been burnt, the population has been driven out and a number of wounded veterans and soldiers on furlough have been rounded up and sent north as captives. This appears to be a new type of war that the Yankees are fighting – one against the civilian population.

Beckinridges’ Divisional commanders at Lynchburg report that all brigades are ready to march this morning.

Early’s Divisional Commanders at Sexton’s Junction confirm the same. All brigades are issued three days supplies of food, water and ammunition.

Reports from Rockfish Gap indicate that Federal Railroad engineers have blown-up key bridges and destroyed cuttings with explosives to block the railroad lines to Staunton.

Col. McMasters
Colonel Davy McMasters, Confederate Railroad Service has been dispatched to reconnoiter damage and report back.

There are rumours of Federal Cavalry activity in and around Waynesboro, C.S. Cavalry would need to be dispatched to determine enemy strength in this area.

Jacob Thompson
Major Jcob Thompson of the C.S. Secret Service has indicated that estimates of Hunters’ strengths and dispositions would be available in a few days.

Virginian Irregular Cavalry operating in the valley have had some success in restricting his supply lines and information from the local population has been submitted in a report that is en-route.