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Thursday, 11 February 2010

Kingmaker -The Wargame

Cornish Rebels: Unit of Cornish Levy Archers
Figures painted by Mike W

It had long been a thought of mine to run a wargames campaign based on a childhood favourite boardgame - Kingmaker. As everyone must know,Kingmaker is set in the Wars of the Roses and simulates the political and military shenanigans that were rife in the period as rival houses fought for control of the English throne.

The question was how to do it,what scale etc. Well I plumped for 28mm, using the classsic Citadel plastic archers set as a basis for raising the large numbers of figures needed. As I built the armies this expanded to metal figures form other manufacturers and then to include the Perry Miniatures 28mm WoR figures as these were released.
Lord Penzance: The leaser of the Cornish Revolt, Men-at-Arms 
in Full Harness and Tried in the ways of Battle
Figures painted by Mike W

For Campaign structure I used the boardgame as it as and converted the points values of teh forces into Army lists for the Perfect Captains excellent 'A crown of Paper' rules.

Business end of an Armoured Pike Unit
3 x Bases Armoured Pike makes up a Pike Unit, these guys would cost you at least 20 points!
From Mike W's collection, sourced form eBay!

The Neville Clan: 3 x Bases of Men at Arms. In Partial Harness and Tried, 
a unit like this would cost at least 25 Points to have in your array!

Horsham Boys: The Horsham Levy, this 3 base archer unit would normally cost 5 points per unit, 
but as they are top quality Horsham Boys these would cost you 10 points.

Retinue Billmen: 3 Bases of Retinue Billmen, 
this unit would cost you 10 Points. (painted by Steve Cast)

English Archers: Unit of 3 bases of Retinue Archers associated with a Government Office.
Figures painted by Mike W