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Sunday, 9 July 2017

Boot Hill New Orleans Greys

 After purchasing these lovely Boot Hill figures on a whim about 9 months ago and starting but not finishing their paint jobs - I finally got around to completing them!

Eight figures in total, two officers, including a standard bearer and six other ranks. One officer and a guy in a cape carry what appear to be Baker Rifles, the five Other Ranks carry muskets.

I undercoated them all in a generic mid grey and when dry picked out caps and most tunics in Ash Grey. A couple trousers were also done in Ash Grey and one in a very light grey to give some variety.

Webbing was painted white, boos, belts, cap visors and cartridge boxes were painted in black.
I added in flesh and a variety of hair colours and then a crimson was used to paint in the officers' waist sashes.

Muskets and pistols were painted brown, with silver barrel and lock mechanisms.

Finally Prussian blue, dry brushed with Royal Blue was used for the cape and brass was used to add detail in for buttons, weapon fixtures, belt plates and cartridge box plates.

When dry and glued to a base - I used 5 Euro Cent coins (diameter of just over 20mm) - I painted liberally with Army Painter Dark Tone and allowed to dry. I have noted elsewhere on this blog how I use Dark Tone - in short, splash it on, allow to settle for about 2 minutes then us a brush to remove excess before setting aside to dry or at least 24 hours.

Bases were covered with fine sand and when dry, dry grass tufts were added to taste. A spray coat of Matt Varnish was used to take off the shine of the Dark Tone and there we are...

 Last touches were to add the flag of the 1st Company of the New Orleans Greys, a pale blue banner, edged with a gold fringe.

Historically the Greys numbered some 122 men who were organised into two companies plus an artillery section. They had a tough time, many of the the 1st company perished at the Alamo, others were present at most significant battles of the war, in total some 52 men died in battle. Read more here.