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Saturday, 13 December 2014

1798 Irish Rebellion

Loyalist Militia
Across the British Front lines
Steve put on a battle form the 1798 Irish Rebellion in 6mm, the aim was to tweak his rules prior to a big refight of the battle of Vinegar Hill.

We had the British / Loyalist forces commanded by Mike W, ably supported by Mike N. Their Irish opposition was commanded by Rupert and Phil as 2inC.

Two British Guns
The British / Loyalists formed up in line, with Cavalry on their left flank facing Windmill Hill, to their right were three infantry brigades that stretched across the table. The line was positioned just short of the village and surrounding fields.

The United Irishmen formed up in line,with there two artillery pieces in the centre and the majority of their forces on the right behind Windmill Hill.

Irish regiment charge Loyalist Militia
who refuse their flank in the nick o'time.
The British plan was simple, cavalry to take the hill,the two centre brigades to take the village and the right most brigade to sweep round the Irish right flank and attack their center form behind.

Windmill Hill on the Irish  right
was their strongest position
that's pretty much how the game played out as well! The British / Loyalists lost a Battalion form each of the right most brigades, but these broke through the Irish left very easily wit the support of  effective artillery, breaking every Irish regiment encountered.

On the British left the Windmill Hill position proved a difficult nut to crack but crack it did after artillery support was put in place and infantry assaults went in to support the harder pressed cavalry.

View from behind the British lines
United Irishmen

A good, fun game for the British, play testing the rules, probably not so much fun for the Irish..

British troops facing the United Irishmen

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Polish National Army Museum

Sherman Tank
Some pictures in form the Polish National Army Museum in Warsaw, Dan and Matt (associate members of the SAS) visited here over the weekend, more to be added soon...
Kukus APC, built 1944 for use by Polish
Home Army in Warsaw Uprising