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SAS Wargames Club
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Friday, 10 February 2012

Current Stats for the O.W.A.N.K (Old World Averland Kup) league

 As you can see Sports fans that Both the Claws and Monarchs lead the way with 6 points a piece, the Claws of course being my team, and they are doing so well has nothing to do with the fact I know the rules better than anyone else, or that this is my league or that I bribed any refs, for the record that money was just resting in the refs account that's all !
The Oilers continue to scare everyone with there impressive casualty numbers, and are one of the teams to watch out for.
However dear friends Im affraid we had to say tutty by by to one of the O.W.A.N.K coaches, due to him playing with rules that he go out of the back of his horse and cart, Richardo the Ever Rightious has been fired from the Sylvania Carrion team an ... sorry this just in, he was not fired, but shot.
Well there you have it sports fans, the moral of this tale is dont cheat unless you have at least had to good decency to bribe the officials the refs and the league operators ..

Have a fun day and remember if at first you don't suc .. sced .. sccus ...

Just cheat OK !