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Thursday, 26 March 2015

Last Samurai Costumes

When on a short holiday break in the Isle of Wight, we visited Brading Roman Villa. This was an interesting visit in its own right but it had the added attraction of hosting a touring exhibition of costumes form Tom Cruise's 'The Last Samurai' film.

Anyway the purpose of this article s to share photos of the costumes that were on show there,to highlight the detail of the armour and equipment should anyone feel the need to paint-up any Samurai figures at any point.

Whilst the costumes on show were not real Japanese Samurai items, in fact the armour was plastic, it should give folks inspiration with their paintbrushes!

The Red Samurai

Detail of lacing on Back Plates

Detail of lacing on Front Shoulder Plate

The Black Samurai

Detail of waistband and sword

Helmet Detail

Studded Armoured vest

Detail of lacing on armoured vest
Detail of Archer's Quiver
Ninja's Costume

Detail of Archer's Armour
Full length Archer