SAS Wargames Club

SAS Wargames Club
Welcome to our home on the Web! Well it's brighter and hopefully better than ever before - well it all works - which is better than before. Don't worry despite this new glossy professional feel we're still the same bunch of reprobates looking to play toy soldiers!

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Imperial Guard

Any excuse to post some more photos!

Here are some Imperial Guardsmen, depicted here so that Olly can figure out how to use them in an up and coming game.

I chose the basic grey colour, to facilitates quick and easy paining, and then a contrasting buff colour for webbing, packs and pouches etc.

Almost looks like they are on parade in an urban courtyard somewhere....
There are 4 Squads of 12 me, each lead by an NCO, with accompanied by a Heavy Weapons Specialist and a Communications man.
... but actually in a box folder - you knew that though!!

There is also an HQ squad with a variety of troop types ranging form further Heavy Weapons specialists to snipers and 3 x veteran guardsmen enhanced body armour.

Headquarters with Medic, snipers, communications and others...

...including three veteran guardsmen in  

Then there is the Auto-Cannon!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Off the Workbench

Newly painted Israeli Mechanised Infantry Battalion. Figures are 12mm Minifigs, M3 Half Tracks are 1/144 Takara.

Next on the workbench will be  an Eygptian  Armoured Brigade, using 1/144 'New Millenium Toys' models.

Note, I have based the M3s, as they are plastic and the wheels rotate, allowing for the galoots in the club, myself included, they will last longer based than unbased.