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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Really tiny British Army Manoeuvers c1900

Recently played game basis Steve's research into early 20th Century British Army Manuals. Played using Principles of War rules and recreating doctrines of the time, a 'Red' force plays a 'Blue' force - both British Army over the rolling Sussex county-side....

Really tiny British soldiers!

Really tiny teerrain

All terrain hand made by Steve.

Battle of Arras, 1940

A game form John's occasional series of linked games covering the German invasion of France in 1940. This game was played over several nights an Mike's place.

British armour taking cover in the streets of a
small French town, awaiting the coming attack.

German artillery positions

German armour arrives on the table

More German armour

German armour pushes on

British Tommies in cover, in a field

Hurrah, more British Armour arrives

For the historically minded...
The Battle of Arras took place during the Battle of France, in the early stages of World War II. It was an Allied counter-attack against the flank of the German army, that took place near the town of Arras, in north-eastern France. The German forces were pushing north toward the channel coast, in order to entrap the Allied Forces that were advancing east into Belgium. The counter-attack at Arras was an Allied attempt to cut through the German spearhead and frustrate the German advance. Although the Allies initially made gains, they were repulsed by German forces and forced to withdraw to avoid encirclement.

Friday, 12 October 2012

Khartoum Campaign

From a few weeks back, photos of the Mahdist game played at Rupert's place. The Mahdists had laid a careful trap for the British Relief Column who were travelling south down the Nile to relive the besieged forces at Khartoum.
The Mahdists advance

15mm figures and a fantastic Riverboats model....

The last boat to Cairo
Mahdists confront the British