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SAS Wargames Club
Welcome to our home on the Web! Well it's brighter and hopefully better than ever before - well it all works - which is better than before. Don't worry despite this new glossy professional feel we're still the same bunch of reprobates looking to play toy soldiers!

The S.A.S. Gang

In the beginning there were 7 - 'The Magnificent Seven' -They were the 'Founding Fathers'

Lost in the mists of time, a rebel movement grew within Chaotic Beast that was the 'Crawley Wargames Club', this movement of young heroes grew and in time developed into a nucleus of the S.A.S.

The S.A.S. are many things, but most of all they are a group of friends who meet regularly to indulge their wargaming passions. Here is a quick thumbnail portrait of club members, some more frequent visitors than others...

John Sears

Offices:The Master of the Ales.
Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Knight of the Squirrel Men., Order of the Tourneo, Minder of the Fallen Nuns, Master of the Poisoned Wind

'Big' John is a veteran wargamer who was grounded in WRG 25mm Ancients back in the early 70's. At this time he is rumoured to have been living in London and involved with the Warlords, luckily no-one would recognise him today without his 70's trademark Afro hairdo!

John has seen the light and despite a lengthy period playing with 25mm ECW he has now migrated to virtually anything in 15mm. John has run a number of campaigns win the club, notably a 15mm Maximillian Mexico campaign, a 20mm WW2 Sealion campaign, 15mm Outreamer Campaign set in the Holy Lands and most recently an ongoing Series of linked

Napoleonic 15mm games - recreating the 1812 Winter campaign in Russia.

The Russian theme has continued through to WWII, where his 20mm German army regularly clashes with Mikey N's Russian counterparts and most recently he orchestrated what can only
be described as a 15mm Napoleonic Tabletop Campaign as French, Russian, Prussian and Austrian armies clashed for 6 straight weeks at the Battle of  Dresden.

Mike Newman
Offices: The Keeper of the Keys.
Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Order of the Squirrel Men, Order of the Tourneo, Librarian, Fat Cat

Mike is another lifelong wargamer, originally from Northampton, via Crawley he now lives in Horsham and is the provider of the Club's main venue - 'Newman Towers'. As such he has the honourary title of 'Keeper of the Keys'.

His current forte is a magnificent Wild West skirmish set-up in 25mm, an equally magnificent Pony Wars set-up in 15mm and what seems to be the entire Red Army modeled in 20mm!

Famed for his bizarre collection of several hundred dead 15mm Wars of the Roses figures....
Mike is now also a proud owner of  a large 15mm Prussian army and he has just embarked upon a WW2 Campaign recreating the German invasion of Russia.

Phil 'The Hill' Hardy

Titles: Order of the Squirrel Men, Order of the Tourneo

Phil's interests are wide and varied, but are probably best described as geological, his extensive collection of scratch built hills is near legendary, with wargamers terrorised into defeat just by glimpsing the undulating terrain set before them.

Equally legendary is Phil's use of terrain when fighting out a game on the tabletop, all we can say is    watch your flanks, that table edge can hold a lot of troops...

His recent activity has been around 15mm WWI, fighting out the early war battles using a chopped version of the popular Shako rules - these have worked really well despite everyone's initial thoughts about such a radical period shift.

Phil's last campaign was set in the Spanish Civil War.

Rupert Worrel

Offices: Keeper of the Other Keys, The Master of the Squirrel Men.
Titles: Lord Rupert of Handcross, Fat Cat

Rupert provides the secondary location for the Club's activities, used increasingly often as Mikey N continues to gallivant around Europe in his free time. As 'Lord of Handcross', Rupert owns estates covering vast acres of Sussex and thus he has space to stage the larger games we all like to play.

Rupert is a Renaissance man when it comes to wargames, the Italian Wars Campaign he ran was a classic in terms of simple mechanics yet huge amounts of intregue. Rupert is also into Fantasy, Napolionics and Ancients in a big way - ie hundreds on 25mm figures! His current
campaign is a refight if the 1st Carthaginian Wars.

Warren Mehrtens
Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Not so Fat Cat

Warren is the club's walking encyclopedia on the American Civil War, he has been collecting 15mm ACW figures for at least 30 years and is finally nearing the end of his project to recreate the Armies of the Potomac and Northern Virginia in miniature.

We don't see as much of Warren these days as we'd like to, only once or twice a year at present. He is another of our Surrey contingent that have to journey south to beautiful Sussex for a game.

Steve Cast

Titles: Order of the Dripping Tap, Order of the Tourneo, Order of the Vauxhall
Steve is the final surviving member of the 'Founding Fathers'. During the Schism that resulted in the establishment of 'The Unforgiven', he was lost but then was found.

Steve participates in most club activities and his tastes are wide and varied as long as it is Medieval or 18th Century Smuggling, he has a huge collection of 25mm skirmish figures for both periods.

Ironically Steve's other huge collection is in the microscopically small 6mm scale, where is collecting armies to re-create the Irish rebellions of the late 18th, as well as his foray into
Fantasy/Sci-Fi with the War of the Worlds in 6mm..

Mike Whiteford

Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Knight of the Squirrel Men, Navigator of the Tourneo (1st Class), Navigator of the Transporter(1st Class), Navigator of the Citroen (2nd Class)

Mike is a veteran wargamer from the early 70s, and has wide ranging interests but is proud that his wargaming roots in Airfix 20mm American Civil War has carried through to today,
albeit with modern 15mm kit these days!

Mike could have been one of the Founding Fathers but as he was AWOL, working abroad at the time of the 'Founding', he missed his opportunity.

His past campaigns have been a recreation of Jackson's Shennandoah Campaign and a Jacobite 1745 Campaign, plus an unfinished KINGMAKER game, with tabletop battles from the 'Wars of the Roses' in 28mm.

Other areas of interest are 15mm SCW and AK47 collections, 15mm Penninsula British. Mike also collects WW1, 1672 Anglo-Dutch War, Nine Years War & WoR 28mm, WWII Polish 20mm as well as Warhammer Fantasy, 40K, Warmaster & Epic miniatures.

Current interests are 28mm Texian Revolution and a very, very slow burning desire to do eth great Northern War in 15mm.

Dave Vallance

Titles: Knight of the Grande Cru, Knight of the Squirrel Men, Driver of the Tourneo (1st Class), Driver of the Transporter(2nd Class)

Dave is an excellent painter of figures and haspreviously been involved in collecting SCW, Napoleonics and Mexico 1860 figures in 15mm.

Recently Dave has dabbled in Indian Mutiny15mm & Marlburian 6mm in an attempt to raise the profile of the period with the club. Rather bizzarely the scale at which Dave is working is rapidly decreasing, having started with 25mm toys he progressed to 15mm kit and is now down to 6mm, we are awaiting the announcement of his new 'Lumpy Counter' 1mm scale project with bated breath.

Dave is now running a Sikh Wars campaign, still at its very early stages and warming up nicely.

Andy Flatman
Titles: The Devistator, Order of the Squirrel Men, Driver of the Tourneo (with Oak Leaves)

Andy has a large collection of 20mm Vietnam & WWII British / Greek figures, he is an all round player and participates in many club campaigns.

Andy's favoured approach is to lay waste to buildings and all surrounding lands. This is a fairly blunt but effective tactic and has been used to great effect.

Andy has now moved away from the area so we only see him a few times a year these days....

Graham Horwood
Titles: The Collector of Men, Navigator of the Tourneo (1st Class), Navigator of the Transporter(2nd Class)

Graham has the largest collection of nearly everything in the club, what's worse everything is painted to an excellent standard and what's even worse is that he paints and bases everything himself.

Adding to his considerable talents is his comprehensive knowledge of a number of diverse periods - Seven Years War, WWII, Napoleonics et all he is a real asset to the club. On top of that he's as barmy as the rest of us!

Olly Hurd
Titles: Captain Reckless

Olly is the newest addition to the brotherhood, his veteran status assured by continued if somewhat sporadic attendance over the last few years. Olly brings a new slant to tabletop historical tactics - utilising his background in Fantasy games and Sci-Fi to throw in challenging conundrums for the club's 'Old Guard'.

Now based in south London, Olly's visits are even more irregular - though he is welcome whenever he can attend.

Matt Toy
Titles: Minder of the Fallen Nuns

Matt is a former member of the 'White Company' re-enactment group and he has been involved with the club for a number of years now, previously on maneuvers in South East Asia where he was involved in large scale building projects in Vietnam. He reckons he's building Dams and stuff like that, we all know he means 54mm reenactment of the siege of Stalingrad....

Anyway he's back now to carry on where he left off - the SCW Anarchist commander came so naturally to him... lately Matt has taken to running a 15mm DBA Burmese campaign which is going rather well. Another northerner from Surrey.

Paul Browning
Titles: The Distant One, Guide (First Class), Junta Maximus

Paul is another of the group that tried to escape but his addiction is such that he constantly has to come back. Paul now heads the Somerset Squadron of the SAS. Paul's interests are in 25mm ACW & Western Gunfights and in 15mm he's well into ancients.

Julian Coles
AKA: The Mysterious Mr Smith

Jules is a relatively elusive member of the club but threw himself into the 2011 Belgian Campaign Tour with gusto.

His main interest is in board games but he is slowly being turned to the dark-side of tabletop wargames!

 Mark Cooper
Titles: Order of the Citroen

Mark has been associated with the SAS for a number of years, although it is relatively recently that he has become a regular attendee of our Friday night soirees.

A keen re-enactor, he has a wide range of interests covering the ECW, WW2 and Vietnam.

Nigel Heather
Titles: Order of the Volkswagen

Nigel was a regular attendee some years back but work took him away from the area. He has now returned and is a welcome addition to our regular crew.

Alan Martin

Titles: The Worldmaker, Driver of the Transporter(1st Class)

Alan is a master terrain maker and figure painter and another of our Surrey based members. His terrain has won prizes at various shows and his figures are expertly finished. Sadly Alan acquired his masterly with the paintbrush and modelling tools by selling his luck to the 'Dark Side', as a result he is totally incapable of throwing a decent dice score - ever -during a wargame.

His main interest lies in 15mm Biblicals but he has extensive Zulu and Napoleonic collections as well, though more recently working to build 28mm Thirty Years War armies.

Sadly Alan passed away at the end of  February 2018, he will be sorely missed by his family and friends.