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Thursday, 15 December 2016

SAS Games Stats 2016

The annual Games Statistics debate is kicked-off by Steve this year, with his in-depth analysis of the club games,all carefully logged and set-out below.
Hopefully the captions will be self-explanatory, that wit Steve's notes, there isn't much else needs to be added,of course certain members of the club will - as usual - have a different point of view and we'll leave it to them to contribute those views separately....

As the time draws near for me to produce the SAS stats for 2016 and with regard the on-going saga between myself and John as to whose points system is more acceptable, this year I’ve decided to drop my system and concentrate more on the meaningful information such as the games themselves.

Not having a points system to shackle me I can now supply you with a plethora of completely worthless, yet useful information. Had enough of the wife turning her back on you in bed, then read her these stats and she’ll soon give in and cow tow to your perverted demands.

There are several new categories including “Individual Games”. Individual games are those games that are run by one person who, forced to become a tyrannical despot, tries in vain to keep the players under control and focused on the game rather than listen to lewd jokes and stories told by players who shall remain nameless.

I’ve also introduced a “Most widely used figure scale” category that includes a special “Lumpy Counter” section should Dave decide to carry out his threat of putting on a 2mm game.

I’ve also decided to dish out some awards this year:

1. “Most biased Umpire award”
And the winners are:
1st Phil for his game “Sunburn, blood and crusaders”. Simply basically for allowing everyone to gang up on me (You bunch of bastards!)
2nd John for his game “Vive l'Empereur! –For the torment of Dresden”
3rd Rupert for his campaign game “The humiliation of Rome” –For the heinous crime of allowing Romans to face Numidians
4th Dave for his game “Brit bashing” For not giving the Sikhs any entrenchments
5th Mikey N for his game “Spittoons at Noon” For allowing poor defenseless Indians too much fire water.
6th Steve for his game “The walls of Wexford” for being too fecking Irish!

2. “The absentee Umpire award” goes to Dave for his games “Brit bashing” and “Cromwell, My part in his down fall”

3. Most Consistent dice roller of the year “Cocked dice award” goes to Rupert for rolling more sixes than you can shake a stick at.

4. Battlefield blunder of the year “The charge of the Light Brigade award” goes to Steve for being gullible enough to think that Romans would easily beat Carthaginians!

5. Surreptitious unit move of the year “The hidden movement award” Goes to John for his ridiculous
dinosaur marker.

6. “The Most frustrating scenario of the year award” goes to John for his game “Slavs, Bogs and Nazis”

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