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Friday, 7 December 2007

Union Situation Report - 21st June

Gen’l Hunter
You have been able to fall back in relatively good order to Winchester, arriving evening of 20th June.

If you are able to remain in position for 24 hours most of your missing will return to your lines. Additionally these units will be automatically re-supplied.

General Siegel’s Division had arrived in Winchester mid-day, 20th June, his division is now directly under your command.

Gen’l Crook
Having left a strong defensive screen at Cross Keys to avoid pursuit by the enemy, your division has marched to Front Royal by the morning of 21st June, force marching on the 20th.

Your options are now open, to the west lies Strasburg, where scouts inform you of the arrival yesterday evening of at least one rebel division and supporting cavalry.

To the east you would be able to take the railroad, via Alexandria, to Winchester, and able to arrive tomorrow afternoon.

It may however delay the rebels if they become aware of your presence on their flank, giving Hunter & Seigel time to fortify Winchester.

Gen’ls Averrel & Stahel
Are now in Kernstown, fighting rearguard actions against pursuing rebel cavalry and infantry force who are currently in Strasburg.

Stahel’s division are low on ammunition as they have now been in the saddle on active service continuously since Harrisburg.

Enemy Dispositions
Full details of Early’s location are not fully known.
It is believed that Early’s force at Strasburg consists of Gordon’s Infantry Division and Ransom’s Cavalry division, but possibly others.

At Harrisburg, at the time of Crook’s departure on the 19th June, it appeared that Beckinridge’s Corps had remained on the field, with fresh troops still arriving from the south. These may have been elements of Ramseur’s Division.

Confederate Situation Report - Morning 21st June

Gen’l Early
You have transferred your command post to be attached to that of Gen’l Echols and have accompanied his division and Ramson’s Cavalry in the pursuit of Hunter’s divisions north from Harrisburg.

The march north has been quick with numerous small skirmishes between your own and enemy cavalry, as the enemy make strong efforts to prevent your scouts learning too much, or your main force impeding their retreat. Keeping up a hot pace, Echol’s Infantry have now reached Strasburg (last night), whilst Ransom’s Cavalry are now reconnoitering Kernstown and it’s environs, it is
clear that the Yanks are willing to resist any further push north, and won’t give ground without a fight. It seems that their two cavalry divisions are prepared to make a stand.

Hunter’s Infantry division is not in evidence.

You are getting reports form locals that there is a large enemy force at Front Royal, a day’s march to the east this is possibly Hunter but could also be Crook, no other details are yet known A letter arrives at your headquarters from Gen’l Lee on the 21st June.

Gen’l Ransom
Your troops have been in the saddle for 12 days non-stop, having fought at Harrisburg and skirmished almost every other day. They are exhausted and need to have rest to re-coup and re-supply.

Maps of Kernstown area are being drawn-up, however, the enemy cavalry is not dug in, although they do out number you by 2:1.

24 hours rest off the front line will do them wonders!

Gen’l Beckinridge
Having remained at Harrisburg and held the field, you are now able to report that significant numbers of troops have rejoined your forces. Most of these had slight wounds or had gotten themselves ‘detached’ from their regiments during the heat of battle.

To re-organise and recover more seriously wounded you will need to travel to a supply depot and remain there for 48 hours. That said your forces have benefited from being able to scour the battlefield and collect dropped food, arms and ammunition.

Gen’l Johnson from Ramseur’s command arrived in Harrisburg on 20th June and is covering the Cross Keys road, however, there has been no activity from that direction since the battle, although a strong enemy skirmish screen remains in place. Two of your regiments have been added to the Confederate Roll of Honour.

Gen’l Ramseur
Your troops continue to build the fortifications at Staunton, Johnson’s brigade has arrived at Harrisburg.