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SAS Wargames Club
Welcome to our home on the Web! Well it's brighter and hopefully better than ever before - well it all works - which is better than before. Don't worry despite this new glossy professional feel we're still the same bunch of reprobates looking to play toy soldiers!

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Monday, 13 August 2012

Battle of Borodino

Better late than never they say, here are some photos of Johns Battle of Borodino game we played earlier in the year

To the left an overview of the 14' x 6' table that we were able to set-up and use at Rupert's gaff, and leave in place for the 3 week game duration.

To the right another view of the table.

Left lines of Russian troops marching on to the table to support their hard pressed comrades.

Right, key moments of the game, on the Russian left flank, as three French divisions concentrate on one Russian division. The Russians fight a loosing battle as they await support from the Russian Guards Division, that started the game held in reserve

Left another view of the titanic initial struggle, that ultimately bled the Russians dry....

Finally to the right the vast open expanses of the Russian right flank where re-enforcements entering the table were blissfully unaware of the problems to their left!

Sunday, 12 August 2012

SAGA Saxons

Just off the workbench, Gripping Beast plastics, based on 2p pieces and MDF trays with appropriate holes cut for the bases.