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On Tour with the SAS


English Campaign Medal
with 2017 Clasp.

Taunton, England, 2017

A trip to follow the route of the 1685 Monmouth Rebellion, starting on the beach at Lyme Regis and touring to Keynsham,Norton St. Phillips and finally to the site of the Battle of Sedgemoor.

The Nine were billeted in Taunton where Paul from our long standing Somerset Squadron joined us for dinner on Saturday night and gave a guided tour of Taunton on Sunday morning.



Dutch Campaign Medal

Netherlands, October 2015

Drove to Joes Bridge where XXX Corps started the Garden offensive..or the other way round (Market)
Onto Eindhoven then Helmond for 1st night at Hotel St Lambert

Friday 23/10/15 – Son bridge, Grave, Nijmegan
Sat 24th – Overloon museum, Groesbeek Heights
Sun 25th – Arnhem bridge, Hartenstein hotel now museum

Mon  26th – back home stopped off at La Cupole, V2 site in France.



English Campaign Medal
with 2013 Clasp

York, England October 2013

Sat 5th – Marston Moor – wandered off map!
Sun 6th – Fulford, Stamford Bridge,Yorkshire Air Museum Jorvik in York
Mon 7th – Towton, Leeds Armoury Museum



Belgium, September/October 2011

Belgian Campaign Medal,
with 2011 Clasp
The bi-annual trip saw us returning to Belgium for a detailed look at the 100 days campaign, taking in Waterloo, Ligney, Wavre and Quatre Bras. 

In addition on Day One we made a stop-off at the Oudenarde Battlefield to visit the site of one of Marlborough's big 4 battles in the Spanish War of Succession, followed by braving the streets of Brussels on the way to Leuven, where we based ourselves.. 

On the Saturday (Day Two) we travelled south to take in the Waterloo museums, Quatre Bras and Ligney. 

Day Three saw us walk the Waterloo battlefield, fight our way through Belgian Classic Car ralliests - who were meeting at Mont St. Jean! and finally check out Wavre. 

Photos <Here>

Day Four saw us travelling home....


Scotland, March 2009

Scottish Campaign Medal
The wee laddies traveled all the way up to Inverness to sample the local hospitality and to view sites from the Jacobite Rebellion and the Great Civil War. First day saw us travel across the country and back, visiting the 'Loch of the Caves' - Bonny Prince Charles' first landing point on mainland Scotland - followed by a visit to Glenfinnon to see the monument there - see photo. On the way back we stopped at the regrettably closed castle Urquart on the shores of Loch Ness.

Following day we toured the battlefield of Culloden, which has an excellent Visitor center and in the aftrernoon we visited Fort George for a bracing walk around this somewhat exposed establishment, followed by a visit to the battlefield of Audburn where john gave us a recap of the battle there.

On the Sunday we traveled south to visit Killiekranie where graham was able to give us an excellent talk on the key features of the battlefield there, followed by a visit to the Blair Athol estate.

All in all an excellent few days away and a great oppertunity to sample local fayre...


France, March 2006

On the roof of a Pillbox
French Campaign Medal
The club traveled to Normandy, France to visit the D-Day landing sites. On the way we stopped off at Agincourt to see the museum and battlefields there before visiting the Merville Battery at the end of day one. Day two saw us on Gold, Juno & Sword beaches after visiting Pegasus Bridge. Day three saw us visit the american cemetery at Omaha to pay our respects and then onto the Omaha & Utah beaches before visiting Point du Hoc. On the final day we stopped in on the Bayeux Tapestry before heading home to blighty once again.

The Retreat from Liphook, February 2006

We traveled to Liphook to re-fight the Battle of Austerlitz nearly on it's Bi-Centennial. The SAS team took command of the French and we were pitted against an array of local players and other clubs that attended the game. Sad to say that we did not perform as well as Napoleon did in reality, we were soundly whooped!

More Photos <here>



Belgium, October 2004

Lions Mount, Waterloo
Belgium Campaign Medal
The club traveled to Belgium to visit the sites of WWII's Ardennes offensive in the east of the country, we even managed to invade Germany for a while, stopping for a brew at the side of the road. On the first day we had stopped at Waterloo, before heading on to Stavelot which was to be our base for the next three nights. Toured the area, visiting key sites of interest, including Bastogne. 
Travelling home to blighty we stopped off at Ypres, took in the sites of the town and visited the Mennin Gate to pay respects to our WWI Tommies.

More Photos <here>