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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

Battle of Bautzen, 21st May 1813

This is the 2018 'Mega-Napoleonic' battle that the club seems to try and put on every year or so. Hosted by Rupert and aided and abetted by John we see a French Army attacking an Allied Prussian and Russian force on the second day of the battle. The game is being put on in 15mm utilising Shako 'Large Battle Rules' rules.

By the time of the battle Napoleon had over 200,000 men available to him east of the Elbe.

Tabletop Map
On the first day of the battle,Ney had 84,300 men, split into III Corps (Ney), V Corps (Lauriston), VII Corps (Reynier), II Corps (Victor), Chatel's light cavalry division and the 2nd Cavalry Corps. However Reynier, Victor and the 2nd Cavalry Corps were delayed by Napoleon's confused orders in the days before the battle, so he was only able to commit Lauriston's V Corps and his own III Corps.

Napoleon had 119,000 men, split into IV Corps (Bertrand), VI Corps (Marmont), XI Corps (Macdonald), XII Corps (Oudinot), Latour-Maubourg's 1st Cavalry Corps, one division of the Old Guard and two of the Young Guard. Prince

The tabletop its-self,
French Left wing bottom right
The Allies had four Russian corps (Miloradovich, Gorchakov, Barclay de Tolly and Grand Duke Constantine and three Prussia corps (Kleist, Yorck and Blücher). General Bennigsen was also present on the Russian side.

The Allies decided to place a screening force on the Spree, but concentrate on defending the valley of the Blösaer Wasser.

The game is scheduled to run for 3-4 weeks, a total of 30 game turns, more to be added here as it happens!
Alied rear, Centre

Week One: - Saw a French holding force, commanded by Nigel, move into contact on their right wing. On the French Left wing a corps advanced to cross the river and then try and flank the Prussian

Allied rear, left flank
Whilst in the centre MacDonalds and Oudinot's corps there moved to attack and hold the Prussian held heights.

Late on the John & the French Guards arrived in the centre, forming an on table reserve as MacDonalds and Oudinot's Corps continued their attacks. On the extreme left wing, behind the Prussian army's flanks Ney's command made it's initial appearance.

Attacking the heights in the French centre
Week Two: - And the attacks in the centre pressed home, with hard fought struggles, particularly impacting Dave's Oudinot's Corps, who by the end of the evening had almost cleared the heights of Prussians. Meanwhile MIke W's MacDonald's Corp was pushng on over the heights and began engaging the Russian Guards units positioned just behind the heights.

Another view of the fighting on the heights

Tje French Guards arrive
Meanwhile the French Guards push onwards looking to support the centre, and by end of the evening had taken the town to their front.

The French right flank, continued to hold its position, whilst on the left, Neys' forces continued to arrive and move into the tabletop to engage the Prussians who had had plenty of time to face their advance.

Ney was ably supported by the French Corps which had crossed the river, and pressing their attack.

Ney's slow advance from the left flank
Week Three: - Saw Phil, playing Marshal Ney, and his command continue to arrive and grind their way very slowly across the back edge of the table, moving from the French left. The Prussians on that flank put up an extraordinary fight to constantly slow down Ney's advances.

Ironically, Ney. seemed to be hampered by the nature of his force having a high proportion of cavalry, instead of sweeping advances, Warren's Prussian squares obstructed the way and each square had to be tackled by infantry as they could be brought forward.

MacDonald & Oudinot advance on centre,
seen from the Allied side
Ney's infantry won every melee with the Prussian infantry but the Prussian Cavalry won every cavalry melee, Ney is working to get his heavy cavalry engaged to break the Prussian forces against him and clear the way....

Elsewhere Oudinot's forces pushed on and on, driving the Prussians from the hill in front of them, they survived two morale tests as their casualties began to mount but late on in week three, they reached their arrowhead goals.

The Guard continue to advance
MacDonald's forces fared less well, approaching their arrowhead target they were counter attacked by Mikey's Russian Guards units and although fighting stubbornly they failed their second morale test badly and routed.
The French extreme right, shift left!

The Guard pressed on and will be engaging with Russian troops next week in a meaningful way and further to the right  the French line has been moved left to support the guard's advance.

Week Four and Five: - Ney's Forces grind onwards into the Prussians, forcing them to gradually give ground. Ultimately numbers tell and the Prussian Corps crumble and dissolve, only to be replaced by Russian allies who have been able to move to their right flank in the time that he Prussians earned with their blood.

On the French' main front, things stagnated, with few corps available to fight  - it is left to the guard to hold the line along with a single other corp (Marmont) to their immediate right. Finally in week five, the Guard lash out and start inflicting serious casualties in their opponents, although Marmont's Corp is finally broken.

Friday, 15 June 2018

Off the Workbench - Mike W, 15/06/18

What's Off the Workbench today, Friday  15/06/2018?

Well as a distinct improvement on recent posts I am pleased to report a flurry of activity on the painting and modelling front over the past two weeks! 😊

To start off this summary its best to note the completion of the US cavalry figures that were started and nearly finished in the last post

28mm 1st Corp US Cavalry
28mm 1st Corp US Cavalry
 In total 12 x 28mm 1st Corps Mexican American War cavalry men, I have painted these up to be wearing the earlier 1830s uniform variant sky blue fatigue dress shell jackets and trousers, enabling me the option to use these in my Texas Revolution games as American interventionists.

A number of these figures have dark blue coats on , so this makes the unit nicely un-uniform in my view. Not bad for a job lot off eBay - need to paint the accompanying infantry men at some point....

Next up is the completed refurbishment of a 28mm Front Rank general from the late 1680s. As previously noted I can't take credit for the bulk of the work on this figure but I have tarted it up and pressed it into service.

Refurbished General

Next off the Workbench were 24 x 25/28mm Norman Archers, another job lot form eBay bit the have painted up really well and join the growing band of Norman figures for my planned 1066 Hastings mini campaign. Actually a set of linked games taking us through the significant engagements of that year, the Normans being the only remaining force to get completed.

Unknown manufacture but nonetheless nice Norman Archers
And there's more...

A blow of trumpets, a fanfare if you will to announce my latest wacky project. Really a spin off from all the Franco-Dutch ad similar period figures fr western Europe, a foray into the campaigns around the Siege of Vienna in 1683.

My first Polish Winged Hussar
I got hold of a set of Warlord 28mm Polish winged Hussars plus a couple of sprues of Arab light & heavy horse from the Gripping Beast plastics range to try out building some Polish Cossacks to accompany the Hussars.

So only one Hussar, right, has been completed so far, to be honest I'll a little concerned about my inability to paint the leopard fur on hs cloak, hence I did not continue with other figures unit I practiced more.

Gripping Beast conversions - Polish Cossacks
Meanwhile the test figures of the Polish Cossaks in their distinctive blue coats with yellow braid came out rather well. I added 3 additional figures to the two original text figures and now only need to do an officer to complete that first unit.

Additionally I raided an old box of Gripping Beast 28mm Arab infantry to see if I could use the figures to make some stands of Azab Infantry, I think overall the results were successful.

Gripping Beast conversions - Azab musketeers
The Azab Musketeers were simple conversions from the standard Gripping beast miniatures, I'll photograph and write up the process in another post sometime, Muskets arms are taken form the Warlord plastic Marlbourian range.

What's On the Workbench today,

No photos as I don't have time for these at present. 

Basically the remaining 7 x Polish Winged Hussars form the Warlord set need to be completed in coming days. Additionally I'm doing a couple bases of bow armed Azab infantry for the Ottoman Forces at Vienna as well. 

Other items include the Polish Cossack officer to be built and painted and, oh yes,I found some unfinished 28mm generals in my collection boxes - packed away prematurely that I'll get done and two French Musketeers to complete the dismounted company that has been waiting patiently for over a year!

Saturday, 9 June 2018

1798 Irish Rebellion: Siege of Wexford Campaign Game

United Irish Infantry Brigade
We finally got to complete Steve's 1798 Irish Rebellion game on Friday 9th June, after a bout 5 weeks without a game due to holidays, illness and other commitments by club members.

The Crown forces were triumphant after breaking a couple Irish battalions on the extreme right of their line, the resulting failure in morale by accompanying Irish battalions lead to first one then two Irish brigades routing form the field.

Crown / British  Infantry Brigade
with supporting Artillery
Meanwhile on the Crown Force's left flank a couple of will timed cavalry charges elicited the same failure in morale in the Irish forces brigades on that side of the battlefield.

End result Irish Army failed a n Army Morale test and routed from the field, the Siege of Wexford continues, albeit that an Irish re-enforcement column has now entered the cit and partially re-supplied the defenders.

The battlefield from the British
Right Flank

Friday, 1 June 2018

Off the Workbench - Mike W, 01/06/18

What's Off the Workbench today, Friday  01/06/2018?

Only the one unit completed since the last posting although to that can be added 4 x 28mm 1st Corps Mexican Mounted Officers, 2 x 28mm 1st Corps American officers (awaiting varnish) and the 28mm Front Rank Anglo-French Wars general that I got part painted off eBay.

So the big news is the completion - for time being - of the Matramos Permiante Battalion.

Seen pictured left in their raw state awaiting painting after being prepared a coupe weeks a go.

Then the completed job, with this batch added to the earlier batch that I painted a few weeks back, as seen pictured below. This now numbers 4 x 8 man companies plus a 5th 8 man Genadier company plus associated Officers & NCOs. Looks very nice en masse.

Matramos Permiante Battalion

Other items completed this month were the 4 x 28mm mounted Mexican Army officers, as shown below, One is panted up as a Brigade Commander - with the tri-coloured plumes in his hat and the other three are representing Battlion commanders. I'll let you figure out for which battalions! 

Battalion & Brigade Commander

Perminate & Activo Battalion Commanders

What's On the Workbench today,

well at present there are a couple of 28mm mounted American Officers awaiting 'dip' varnish & basing along with the Front Frank General noted above. I'm almost embarrassed to show this figure as most of the paint work was done when it arrived from eBay - all I have done is add gold trim to saddle-cloth, cuffs, hat, baton and pistols. Added white to the hat feathers and a flesh wash to face and hands. This will also be 'dip' varnished and based.

Finally on the workbench are a batch of 12 x 28mm st Corps American Cavalry from the Mexican War period. These came as part of a batch from eBay that had American infantry who can be painted up as the 52 man strong, Newport, Kentucky Rifles Company, led by Captain Sidney Sherman

28mm 1st Corp US-Mexican War American Cavalry

This unit wore a uniform similar in cut and style to the New Orleans Greys, except the uniform was entirely bark blue instead of grey! More on these when I get round to painting them