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Saturday, 4 August 2018

Off the Workbench - Mike W, 04/08/18

What's Off the Workbench today, Saturday  04/08/2018?

Its been a long time coming this latest 'Off the Workbench' post, as ever I have excuses - busy at work and latest I've been scrambling last couple of weeks to put on the first two Texas Revolution games. All major time drains, that eat into painting and modelling time.

But I have kept busy on the paining side of things with a wide range of items churned out in the last few weeks - but not so many pictures to show for it. 

I finished the 28mm Warlord Games Janissaries, re-basing the musketeers, after a rethink on how the units would operate on the tabletop,  I have gone for a composite Regiment of Musketeers and Swordsmen. Pleased with the way that these have come out and would certainly consider getting more to bulk out my fledgling Ottoman Army.

28mm Warlord Janissaries

Azab Musketeers
Azab Archers
Similarly I have now completed 5 bases of plastic musketeers, converted as before from Gripping Beast Arabs, with a sixth base nearing completion - albeit that I have run out of figures temporarily and will have to get some more to complete this unit and the Archer unit of Azabs that now stands at 3 bases.

28mm Hinchcliff Sipahis
Finally on the Ottoman side of things I acquired some Hinchcliff 28mm Ottomans and ave painted up the first six of these to represent a unit of Ottoman Sipahis. These figures are from eBay and there were 25 in the lot so more units to come.

Away from the Ottomans I also completed a unit of Kentucky Volunteers for the latest Texas Revolution game - will need to wait until that completed to get a photo out on these guys, believe it was about 18 figures painted to represent the The Newport Kentucky Rifle Company, ​lead by Colonel Edward Burleson. These had all dark blue uniforms with white trim, dark blue peaked caps and a fetching white flag with 'Lady Liberty' on it.

Polish Winged Hussars
Also got the Polish Winged Hussars finished...

The final items that I completed were another half dozen or so Norman foot soldiers to join their comrades, waiting for a chance to re-fight 1066 and all that!

What's On the Workbench today,

Trimming Pile
Currently I am just trimming and filing 12 x Hinchcliff 28mm Ottoman Sipahis, I'll make this into two more units for the Ottoman Army. Some minor conversion work - adding a trumpet to one figure and hopefully a sword to another will provide a clear musician and officer figure.

The unfortunate French Musketeer duo are still languishing on the workbench - just can't get the enthusiasm together to get these fellows done.
28mm Polish Cossack Officer

Almost finished, bar 'dipping' and basing is the commander for the Polish Cossack unit, made fro Gripping Beast Ara Light Cavalry plastics set. And yes it seems it wasn't just the Winged Hussars that had wings in the Polish army at this time, seems they were a more general  indication of rank than previously thought.

There's also a 28mm Reiver Castings mounted General to be painted....

Battle of Egypt Crossing,1836

Can you hear the drums Fernando?
I remember long ago another starry night like this
In the firelight Fernando
You were humming to yourself and softly strumming your guitar
I could hear the distant drums
And sounds of bugle calls were coming from afar

Game Map
The Alamo has fallen and Texican units are scrambling eastwards to rally with Houston's army - where ever that was and make a stand against the advancing Mexican forces. A series of rearguard actions are being fought on the way, one such action was at the Egypt settlement and the nearby bridge over the Colorado River.

The Game
Played on 3rd August and to be extended to a second week by popular demand - sees five Mexican battalons plus supporting troops pitted against three Texican battalions plus their support. Game was put on by Mike W, with venue and scenery supplied by Mikey N. Figures are 28mm and a mixture of Boothill Miniatures, 1st Corps and Wargames Foundry, whilst the rules were revised the Texas Glory set used last week for the Battle of Conception game.

Steve, Mikey and Dave played the advancing Mexican hordes whilst Phil and Rupert opted to put up a stalwart Texican defense. Player numbers were somewhat impacted by the call of duty by significant others to view 'Mama Mia 2: Here we go again!'  Ironically, one of the big musical numbers is set during the Texas Revolutionary period - I'll let you try and guess which one...

How it played out...
Texican Cavalry Company
The Plans 
Dave took command of the Mexican left flank, commanding the Mexico City and Vera Cruz battalions,his force began an advance across the Colorado River to sweep into the Egypt settlement form the north.

Mikey N,took the left flank, commanding the Mexican Cavalry, the Yukatan battalion and the independent Zapadores company. His task was to cross the river way south of the Egypt settlement and then sweep north to envelop the rebels.

Finally, 'El Supremo' Steve, commanding the Tres Villas and Matramos battalions plus artillery and a company of independent Cazadores held the centre. His strategy was to hold unnil the flank attacks stretched the defenders and then strike home with an unstoppable surge.

The Egypt Crossing
Meanwhile on the Texican side Rupert was put out on the left flank and centre ground with the Texican cavalry plus a battalion of infantry to hold up any enemy advances in that area.

Phil concentrated other Texican troops (two infantry battalions plus some independent companies, including the Texican artillery) in and around he Egypt settlement to defend the bridge and town.

Week One
The Mexican advance started almost immediately and went to plan until about turn 2 or 3!

Texicans opposing Mexican advances
on their centre & left flank
On the Mexican right, the Zapadores were caught mid stream as the crossed the Colorado river and took two casualties, forcing Mikey to re-think his bold approach and  regroup and continue advancing more cautiously, which he did to good effect grinding out each step through the forested areas and forcing the defending Texicans to withdraw, whilst harrying the Mexicans with fire each step of the way.

Finally by the end of the evening the Texicans had been pushed out of the woods and on the extreme right of the Mexican lines  each side had two Cavalry companies facing off of a potential melee in week two. Rupert had played his part well - delaying and delaying the Mexican advance to the south of Egypt.

To the north of the Egypt settlement Dave drove his Soldatos forwards across the river, the terrain was much more open in the river valley on this flank, though closer as it nears the town. Phil had deployed two companies of veteran Tennessee backwoodsmen in the forest areas on this flank and their marksmanship began to take a toll on the advancing Mexico City battalion.

Calm before the storm at Egypt Township
More fighting on Texican right flank
First one company and then a second company broke and ran under their withering fire. luckily the first company of routers was rallied by their colonel, the fate of the second is still in the balance! Facing such unexpectedly stiff opposition Dave decided to regroup his forces and move to a more central position to support Steve who by the end of the evening was in a position to mount is own attack on the settlement.

In the Mexican center,Steve held back his battalions whilst he used his artillery to engage with their Texican counterparts, this artillery duel lasted most of the evening with crews taking casualties sporadically until finally first one the the second Texian gun was disabled by Mexican fire. This was the signal for Steve to launch his assault on the town, the outcome of which will be in week two.

Egypt Church, with disabled Texican Artillery
Sergento Óliver Andino
Honorable mention must go to Sergento Óliver Andino, a sniper the Tejano company under Colonel Carter's command, who advanced ahead of the Texican lines and engaged the Mexican 12lb Gun crew, killing two and taking out a Grenadero from the company sent out by Steve to protect the guns. Brave Óliver fell to a concentrated volley from those same Grenaderos.

Week Two
The battle continued with hoe sale changes n personnel on the Mexican side as John & Nigel entered the fray and Steve slacked off. Additionally the Texicans were bolstered by Mark joining their numbers.

Events on the Texican southern flank continued in much the same way as week one, with building Mexican pressure the Cavalry gave ground until finally forced into a 'Death or Glory' charge. Unfortunately it was the latter, with the US Deserters charging Regular Mexican Presidial Guard lancers, although outnumbering them the lances made short work of the sabre carrying Americans and routed them. This left the Tajano cavalry to hold the fort on the southern wing - an isolated position as the Texican infantry withdrew to the township - so the Tejanos slipped away off the table to save their numbers for another day...

To the north John was driving the Mexican columns who mounted a concerted attack across the bridge,capturing the church and driving into the town square where they met the town defenders. Further north the Vera Cruz militia attacked again and were repulsed with heavy losses.

The game ended,without a clear result - due to time constraints - mechanics worked pretty well. Feedback on saving throws and making the officer hits easier to handle have been taken on board and rules will be adjusted accordingly. as will the role of NCOs.

End Piece

Now we're old and grey Fernando
Since many years I haven't seen a rifle in your hand
Can you hear the drums Fernando?
Do you still recall the fateful night we crossed the Rio Grande?
I can see it in your eyes
How proud you were to fight for freedom in this land

There was something in the air that night
The stars were bright, Fernando
They were shining there for you and me
For liberty, Fernando
Though we never thought that we could lose
There's no regret
If I had to do the same again
I would, my friend, Fernando