SAS Wargames Club

SAS Wargames Club
Welcome to our home on the Web! Well it's brighter and hopefully better than ever before - well it all works - which is better than before. Don't worry despite this new glossy professional feel we're still the same bunch of reprobates looking to play toy soldiers!

World War Two

We've generally been put off by the complexities of armour thickness versus AT penetration charts that abound many rule-sets. With a combination of Rapid Fire! and Crossfire we've found a balance that allows us to wargame actions quickly, simply and still have fun.

We are also looking to dabble in Flames of War, with Mike Whiteford and Phil Hardy threatening to invest in 15mm North African toys!

In the club a number of people have 20mm figures to play with. John Sears has a collextion of early Germans which regularly go up against Mike Newman's Russian Hordes, alternatively the Germans usually fight John's own early British.

Additionally Andy Flatman has a collection of Greek and Allied forces for Crete, along with accompanying German Airborne, he is also collecting D-Day Allied troops.

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