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Tuesday, 8 August 2017


by Dave Vallance

Wargaming is a fickle hobby, don’t you think?

Tony Bath & Hyboria

We all have our particular interests in a particular period of history. Personally I’m not a ‘modern’ player. albeit I like WW2 history, but to play it, it baffles me .. platoon assets, company, battalions, foo’s, little mortars, big mortars,.....arggh, too many the way, Mark, I have no idea about Vietnam, not one of my favourite periods, but willing to f*ck it up.

At the other end of the spectrum is ancients, I’m not one of those who knows the difference between a pisillyoi or a peltarse...

...and its always Roman v someone else. I like ancient history, going to Pompeii in September, but to play it?..

I suppose I’m a horse and musket player..

Anyway, back to the point. We have our interests, periods etc, and purchase, paint (never ending if bigger than 6mm), research (itself with a plethora of material) then put a game or or two, run a campaign (or try to, as in my Sikh one). You find battles, orbats, then have to organise your toys to put one game on that usually, on my experience, gets shredded to bits by the players, and you vow never to put another one on ever again.

Many years ago, Charles Grant Snr and Brig Peter Young, contemporaries of Don Featherstone (the Founding Fathers, if you will) carried out a campaign set in the 1750’s but with totally fictional nations fighting one another. I think there was the Veiringte Frei Stat verses the Duchy of Lorraine. Several articles appeared in the wargaming press.

There was another chap whose name escapes me (It was Tony Bath - says John) who did a fictional campaign loosely based on the ancient period, and I think it was called Hyboria.(sic)

I have always fancied doing one of these, a fictional campaign, with fictional nations. Your research is your imagination.

I have roughly come up with some nations, but not quite happy with them, what do you think?

My period is set in early-mid Victorian..about 1859-1860. The armies will be quite small to start with but you can recruit

Version 1 – Nations : Paranoya

Version 2 – Nations : Grossenbuben

Version 3 – Nations named after beers;

Duchy of Kronenberg, Principality of Carlsberg, Kingdom of Heineken etc etc..this will be more suitable if each player is in charge of each. i.e. Duke Rupert of Kronenberg, Prince Michael of Carlsberg, King Johan II of Stellartois, Bishop Markus of the Bishopric of Hofmeister etc..the players, using imaginations, can if they wish, come up with an amusing history of their realms, families etc. Make alliances, break them, marriages, assassinations etc.

There are some others floating about in 'Daveworld'. Any ideas?

Not sure to have just two nations, or to have a player in charge of his own nation, similar to the small states that made up the Holy Roman Empire

Some ideas.....

Grand Duchy, Duchy, Principality, Kingdom, Republic, Trade Union, Bishopric, Archbishopric, United Duchies etc..any ideas?

Just started painting up a unit of infantry..1st Battalion, 1st Regiment of Somewhere. Yes I got bored..yellow coats, red trousers, black shakos