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Thursday, 3 May 2018

Off the Workbench - Mike W, 01/05/18

What's Off the Workbench today,Tuesday  01/05/2018?

Well its been a slow couple of weeks on the painting front - a lot of my spare time has been taken up with preparations for my son's wedding, so free time has been at a premium.
Front Rank Austrian Cuirassiers

That said I completed the 6 x 28mm Front Rank Austrian Cuirassiers and they have come up very nicely, they are just waiting a final matt varnish spray and a flag to be added, this will get done after the weekend.

Other work includes the completion of the 3 x Boot Hill 28mm Mexican Lancers, that you may remember I had managed to loose the riders for a few weeks ago. Well after a tidy-up I found them and completed them.

Boot Hill 28mm Mexican Lancers
Two were painted in the Regular Red with Green trimmings uniform and the third was painted in Green with Red trimmings - as used by the Activo Battalions - a company of which I will be painting in the coming weeks! Again these need a coat of matt varnish to complete
Boot Hill Texians

Next on the list were 8 x Boot Hill Texian Officers and Infantry men, painted in a number of uniforms to make up numbers for various companies that I have already completed - including an Alabama Red Rover, a couple of Tennessee Volunteers. All finished nicely and waiting for the rain to stop to give them a matt spray varnish.

Biggest addition to the completed list this last fortnight was the first of a batch of First Corp Mexicans that I acquired last week, 24 figures painted to represent two and a half companies of an Activo Militia Battalion, yet to be decided which one, but depicted in summer uniforms of white with red trim.
Un-named Activo Infantry Battalion

Each company is of 8 men plus there are two officers, an ensign and a musician (fifer). All figures completed in a week, based and ready for matt spray, depicted below in their storage box... 

What's On the Workbench today, well as noted my time is limited at present, I'll not start painting again for 3-4 days and then it looks like it will be the remaining figures I received from First Corps - so likely another two and a half companies of the Activo Militia Battalion or possibly an additional two companies for the Matramos Permiante Battalion.