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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Off the Workbench - Mike W, 12/07/18

What's Off the Workbench today, Thursday  12/07/2018?

Seems that Football isn't coming home....
That means I can get back to doing some painting and modelling and telling everyone about it!

So what have I been able to do in the last month or so since I last posted - a number of things in actual fact! I'll try and cover these in historical order.

28 x 28mm Plastic Norman on foot, all painted and based, I found a part
built box of these little fellows and decided I would get them painted to allow another step towards the Battle of Hastings project I have in the back of my head. Still a long way short of having a viable Norman army but it all helps...

Conquest Games -28mm Norman Foot Soldiers
Next, in order of history, is the completion of another 7 x 28mm Warlord Polish Hussars. These were tricky chaps to get done, I had a bit of a mental block getting the leopard fur done and also concentrating on these long enough to make progress as England was progressing through the World Cup Group stages.

Warlord Games 28mm Polish Winged Hussars
Along with the Poles were the addition of another 8 x 28mm Gripping Beast plastic Arabs painted up as Azab musket and bow armed infantry. These will be used on the Vienna 1683 project that is starting to take shape, others will be added in due course.
8 additional 28mm plastic Gripping Beast Azabs,
with previously shown stand of 4 Azab Musketeers
Also keeping the Ottoman theme going, I completed 12 x Warlord Games 28mm Janissaries, armed with sword and buckler,this represents half the box of 24 figures,the other half are musket armed.

Warlord Games - Janissary Infantry
2 x 28mm Reiver Castings Generals
Another 2 x 28mm Reiver Castings Generals
Finally on the figure front, 4 x 28mm 1680s Generals, believe these are Riever Castings figures, again I found them lurking in a box and decided to finish them off and press them into service.

What's On the Workbench today,

Redoubt Musketeers
Remaining Warlord Ottomans
Well the two French Musketeers are still waiting to be completed,no idea who manufactured them, a bit large even for 28mm figures. Have a a suspicion, thinking about it, that these may be Redoubt Figures.
Rendera Chevaux de Fries

As noted above there are the additional Ottoman Janissary Musketeers to be painted up, see right...

Other work in progress is terrain based, I got hold of a packet of Rendera 28mm plastic, Chevaux de Fries and the models do exactly what they say on the box! I had tried making some myself but I thought - life's too short - the results look good and will be used very soon, when based!

The other really big item was the 28mm MDF model that I will use as the Conception Mission in a forthcoming game to be featured later this month.

Still only art built, the model will get it's finishing touches over the next week or so.