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Welcome to our home on the Web! Well it's brighter and hopefully better than ever before - well it all works - which is better than before. Don't worry despite this new glossy professional feel we're still the same bunch of reprobates looking to play toy soldiers!

American Civil War

A hugely popular period in all of our earlier days and it is still played within the club with Warren Mehrtens & Mike Whiteford, amongst others both having significant collections.

We were using the Fire & Fury rule-set but have more recently been experimenting with others including Carnage & Glory II, Black Powder and a Warmaster derived set put together by Mike Whiteford. Phil Hardy is currently working on a version of Shako, adapted for the ACW.

The last ACW campaign that was fought was Mike Whiteford's Shenanndoah Campaign in about 2003, so the games at present are generally one-off scenarios put forward for gaming purposes.

We have used the F&F rules as a variant for staging one-off Maximilian in Mexico, Pancho Villa, and other non ACW games, these have worked pretty well.

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