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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Off the Workbench - Mike W,31/12/18

So as the year draws to a close I pick-up my paint rush again and start to exercise the mysterious arts once again!

This time it is as part of a global online, competition, so hopefully I won't fall flat on my face and I can bring some honour to the club!

The 'Analogue hobbies Painting Competition' runs until the end of March,  part of the process is submitting figures to be judged and awarded points each Monday, so these 'Off the Workbench' posts will tie into those weekly competition updates

What's On the Workbench 31/12/18

Well the workbench is actually fully loaded!

I have 22 x 28mm Assault Group Polish Hajduk Infantry for the Siege of Vienna 1683 project. These are currently undercoated and part painted, I actually need to acquire two more figures to complete the unit - I got these off eBay and whilst there was a good range of figures I'm short two musketeers.

28mm Assault Group Polish Hajduk Infantry

Likely I'll order some new figures form Assault Group - getting a pack of Hajduk musketeers and combine that with a larger order for 12 x 28mm Polish Pancerni cavalry.

Next on the workbench are 15 foot and 2 mounted 28mm  Foundry Mountain Men, these again are undercoated and will join the Texcans who are bravely fighting against Santa Anna's Mexican army. Again this batch came form eBay and strangely includes a Chinese gentleman armed with a Machette - I'm pretty sure there were no Chinese people at the Alamo but he can add colour to the Texan Independence  campaign!

28mm Foundry Mountain Men
and their comrades on foot....

Next up are another group of eBay finds, 6 x 28mm Ottoman Light Cavalry - actually they are Mamelukes from the Reiver Castings range, with them came three Ottoman mounted officers. Again all are undercoated and awaiting a lick of paint.

28mm Reiver Castings Ottoman Light Cavalry & Officers

Finally there are some 28mm Warlord Games, Croat Light Cavalry- these have been on the workbench for some weeks now, stalled and desperate to get completed. They are very nearly done so hopefully you'll see the end results soon.

What's Off the Workbench today...

Well so far nothing!

With Xmas this week I have had little time to do a lot of painting, although I have made good progress with the Polish infantry and am hopeful that they will be completed in time for the 7th January competition submission!

I've also made a start with the Mountain men and the Mamelukes.

Under the competition rules you are allowed to undercoat figures before the start date, so these are the batches that I had pre-prepared, Other figures still waiting to be added to the workbench include a number of 28mm Mexican units for Santa Anna's army,multiple 28mm 17th Century Franco-Dutch Wars / Siege of Vienna units plus a coupe of Cruel Seas Flotillas.