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Thursday, 13 December 2018

Warlord Games - 1:300 MTBs

Well I could bang on about being really busy at work and that with the days getting shorter and shorter and darker and darker as we head towards Xmas  - but the bottom line is that I haven't done much painting over the last few weeks...

I did finish a 3rd Squadron of Polish Winged Lancers - bringing up to full strength the first of 3 Hussar Brigades I plan to have in the collection but this took me nearly a month to get done, in fits and starts,all round a poor show...

What I have been able to paint with some satisfaction the other week was two E-Boats off the front cover of Wargames Illustrated and then after obtaining a set of MTBs off a duplicate magazine at start of week, I now have two matching MTBs.

I present these below, 2 x Warlord Games MTBs, 1/300 scale for their new Cruel Seas game, each sprue allows the creation of 1 x Type I and 1 x Type II Vosper MTB. Models are pictured here in the dark night of the English Channel, hunting for E-Boats....

Type I Vosper MTB, Starboard view

Type I Vosper MTB, Port view

Type II Vosper MTB, Port view

Type II Vosper MTB, Starboard view